Cost Containment incorporated in 2005 and is owned by David Powers. Late 2017 Mr. Powers retired from the surgical supply sales business and moved to Florida where he resides with his two children. From 2005 to 2017 Cost Containment maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and sold over $116 Million dollars in surgical supplies which averages out to be over $8.9 million dollars in sales per year and an annual PROFIT of over $4 Million Dollars.

Mr. Powers was a surgical supply sales rep with Arthrex (www.arthrex.com) for many years before starting his medical supply sales business in 2005 and he has obtained 2 United States patents for surgical instruments relating to arthroscopic shoulder surgery. His knowledge of surgical supplies and the surgical supply sales business is extensive.

In 2018 Mr. Powers decided it was time to give back to society in the form of changing people’s lives financially and the best way to do that is to train people to do exactly what he has done for 13 years and that is to buy & re-sell surgical supplies. To help people start their business and give them financial freedom for themselves and for their families. The amount of money people will make is this business is substantial and life changing. There is no reason for anyone training with Mr. Powers to “re-invent the wheel”. Take his training course, follow his methods, take his advice and you will be successful with financial freedom beyond your belief!


After you complete this online training course, you may elect to hire Mr. Powers as a consultant for 3 months to help ensure the success of your company. The fee for this is only a total of $500 for 3 months of his consulting service. This support includes:

  1. Answer any questions you may have
  2. Help you locate medical supplies to purchase
  3. Help you negotiate the purchase of those medical supplies
  4. Help you sell the supplies to various buyers and online
  5. Evaluate lists of medical supplies you locate so that you know the resale value of the supplies and how much to offer to purchase those supplies
  6. Help you with online medical auctions to purchase supplies