Current Medical Supplies For Sale

Even though I am retired I still have medical facilities who contact me on a regular basis to sell their supplies. So since I am retired and no longer buying medical supplies, I will be listing on this site medical supplies which hospitals & surgery centers are wanting to sell. These supplies will be available to purchase for ONLY clients who have already taken my training course or who are actively signed up to take my training course


INVENTORY: $750,000 in medical supplies from a Florida Hospital.

PURCHASE PRICE: $70,000 (It is possible the hospital will accept less)

INVENTORY LOCATION: Midwest United States

INVENTORY LOCATION: Currently located at a storage facility in Fort Lauderdale (Florida). All supplies are already in boxes and ready to load into a truck. It is estimated that a 26 foot Uhaul truck will be sufficient to transport all the supplies. You as the buyer are responsible for loading the boxes and paying for transportation. Please do not ask me to load the truck for you.