Current Medical Supplies For Sale

Even though I am retired I still have medical facilities who contact me on a regular basis to sell their supplies. So since I am retired and no longer buying medical supplies, I will be listing on this site medical supplies which hospitals & surgery centers are wanting to sell. These supplies will be available to purchase for ONLY clients who have already taken my training course or who are actively signed up to take my training course. If you are NOT either of them, PLEASE do not contact me to purchase the medical supplies you see listed on this page. I WILL NOT SELL THEM TO YOU UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!


INVENTORY: 100 Pallets Containing all medical supplies
(Total Estimated resale value $300,000-$500,000 depending on what’s there)

YOUR PRICE: $800 per pallet with a minimum purchase of 20 pallets.

INVENTORY LOCATION: Midwest United States

Shipping: Method of shipping will be semi-truck, therefore, to save on your shipping cost it is best to purchase a minimum of 20 pallets (although more than 20 pallets will fit on a semi-truck). You as the buyer are responsible for the cost of shipping prior to pallets being shipped. Provide me your shipping address so I can obtain an exact transportation price quote for you. I will also need to know if you will require the shipping truck to have a lift gate attached since that affects the cost of shipping. If your facility has a “shipping dock (meaning dock height)” you will not need the semi-truck to have a lift gate. Depending on your location, the shipping charge per semi-truck ranges between $1000-$2200

NOTE: I will update the pallet quantity available for you to purchase as they are sold. So as the pallets are purchased you will see the pallet quantity go down. By doing so, you can be assured that the pallet inventory count available to purchase is always accurate.