Q1: How many people or companies train people to be in medical/surgical supply sales?

A: ZERO! ZERO! ZERO! I am the only company in the United States offering a training course to start your own business selling medical/surgical supplies. If you want to know why the answer is simple. NOBODY wants you in this business because they don’t want you to know how lucrative this business is and they don’t want extra competition.

Q2: Why am I training people to be in the medical/surgical supply sales business.

A: I am retired and quite frankly it is boring. I have always wanted to change the world, but simply put changing the world is not possible. However, changing the lives of individuals is very possible. Knowing that I have helped people better their lives financially for themselves and for their families will give me satisfaction of knowing I have made a positive difference in this world.

Q3: Do I need a special license to sell medical supplies?

A: No special license is required except for a state sales tax sellers’ permit from your state, which is something every business has to have. You are only required to pay state sales tax on the medical supplies you sell which are being shipped to an address within your state. For example: if you live in Florida you only pay state sellers tax if you sell an item that is shipped to a Florida address. If you ship to a customer in Texas or any other state, you do not pay state sales tax.

Q4: What are surgical supplies?

A: Surgical supplies are medical supplies that are used in surgical procedures on a patient or in the surgical room at the time the patient is having surgery. Selling surgical supplies is where the “REAL” money is at.. Products like knee braces, wheel chairs, crutches are NOT surgical supplies. Businesses who sell those types of products do not make a substantial income compared to selling surgical supplies.

Q5: Do I need medical training or experience in the medical field or a college degree?

A: Absolutely NOT! It is irrelevant what you are currently doing now for work or what you have done in the past for work. When you attend my course, you will be doing hands on training which will give you the confidence, knowledge and tools to be completely successful in this type of business. Hands on training is the best way to learn this type of business.

Q6: How much money can I expect to make?

The amount of medical supplies available nationwide is pretty much endless and you will NEVER have a problem finding supplies to purchase. Selling supplies is the easy part, but knowing how much to pay for the supplies is where my training comes in. I teach you how to research the supplies to determine their value before you purchase. This will ensure you NEVER lose money. I provide you with my contacts to whom you can sell supplies to if you choose. I teach you how to sell them online and most importantly I teach you how to make a huge profit. So to answer your question I can say if you are not making $30,000 to $50,000 per month with your current job, then owning your own medical sales company is what you should be doing. Realistically, there is no reason why you can’t make $50,000 to $100,000 per month owning your own medical sales company. Yes it seems like a crazy amount of money, but in this type of business it is not hard to obtain. I started my company in 2005 and retired in 2017, whereas I sold over $116 Million dollars in surgical supplies which averages out to be over $8.9 million dollars in sales per year and an annual PROFIT of over $4 Million Dollars. The key word in that sentence is PROFIT.

Q7: How do I locate medical/surgical supplies to buy?

A: The amount of medical supplies available nationwide is endless. I teach you how to contact hospitals/surgery centers to buy their excess inventory. I teach you who to contact at those facilities, what to say and how to make offers. There are also medical auctions nationwide every month. Usually 3-8 auctions per month. I teach you what to buy and what not to buy and how much to pay for it. Also, how to research what those products sell for, which helps you to determine how much to pay for them and this is why you will NEVER lose money. My hands on training teaches you all this and that training is “PRICELESS”!

Q8: Can I lose money in this business?

A: Believe it or not, the answer is no “IF” you do what I train you to do. When I teach you how to research prices that products sell for, you obviously buy the products for much less. Therefore, no you can’t lose your money. Now on the other hand, if you buy something without doing the proper research and if you buy items I tell you not to buy, well then yes you can lose money. It is very simple, you are paying me to train you so just do what I teach you to do and you will make more money than you know what to do with!

Q9: How much money do I need to start this business?

A: You can pretty much start with any amount and grow your inventory buy flipping the products. For example let’s say you have $2000 to start buying medical supplies for inventory to re-sell. When you buy products at the right price (which is what I teach you), you can use that $2,000 to turn it into $4,000 to $15,000 and quite possibly more depending on what you buy. You then re-invest that amount into more inventory and pretty soon you have a large bankroll to buy large quantities of supplies. Obviously the more money you initially have to purchase medical supplies the faster you can make a larger profit. The key is to re-invest your profit into buying more medical supplies.

Q10: Why are you charging $6,500 for your training course?

A: Even though I am retired, my time is valuable to me. I came up with that amount to weed out people who will waste my time. I feel that if you have $6,500 invested into this training course you will follow through with starting your medical supply business and you will apply what I teach you to be successful. If I only charged let’s say $1,500 I would have everyone in this country wanting to be in this business and many people would not follow through. That is just how people are now days. They don’t follow through and then they look for someone to blame other than themselves. I am training you with hands on training and giving you every tool to be successful. What you do with it is up to you. Plus the $6500 INCLUDES for free my ongoing support for 6 months. So the bottom line is I will change your life financially and it will cost you $6,500. A small price to pay to have FINANCIAL FREEDOM and SECURITY!

Q11: Do I need an office/warehouse?

A: If you can afford to rent an office/warehouse then by all means go ahead, but it is not necessary. Starting with an office/warehouse with 2000 sq feet is sufficient to start, but if you can afford to go larger then it would be a good idea so that later on down the road you don’t have to move to another location. You can start in your basement or even in the garage. All you need to purchase is standing shelving racks to store the medical supplies. Eventually you will need an office/warehouse as you grow your inventory. If you can afford $1,000 or more per month to rent a space I would certainly do it. Customers will NOT be going to your house or to your office to purchase the supplies. You will be selling them online and directly back into other hospitals and surgery centers nationwide and international. I teach you every aspect of doing both.

Q12: Where do I sell the medical/surgical supplies I purchase?

A: You will be selling them online and also back into hospitals and surgery centers. However, if you prefer to only sell the medical products online that is perfectly fine. I teach you both aspects and if you chose to sell some products to hospitals and surgery centers I teach you who to contact at those facilities, how to bill them, how to generate a proper list of products to sell them, what type of products they will buy and so on. I also have contacts who are medical brokers/distributors whom will purchase supplies from you.

Q13: How long is the training course?

A: Our training course is 2 days (training courses are monthly. Please contact us for availability). You are expected to arrive each day a few minutes before class begins, so we can start on time. Please go to the course info page of this site and read the course requirement section.

Q14: What do I need to bring to the training course?

A: It is required that you bring a laptop computer. No ipads because they will not work correctly to train you with. I will be providing all other materials for you to keep. The reason I will not have laptops available for you to use is because you will want to store valuable information on your laptop to bring home with you.

Q15: How should I conduct myself during the training course?

A: Arrive each day of the training course a few minutes before class begins so that we can start on time. If you are late for class we will start without you. You may have your cells phones on, but please turn the ringer off so that there are no interruptions in class. However, you can step out any time you like to make phone calls. You can at any time go get a snack or beverage from our kitchen or use the restroom. Ask any question you like as the old saying goes “there are no stupid questions”. However, please let me finish what I am talking about before raising your hand to ask a question. Courtesy and respect for both me and anyone else in the class is important.

Q16: What happens after I have completed the training course if I have questions or need help?

A: After you have completed my 2 day “hands-on” training course you will have the knowledge and tools to be successful. The $6500 course fee includes my support as a consultant FREE for 6 months, whereas I provide the following:

  1. Answer any questions you may have
  2. Help you locate medical supplies to purchase
  3. Help you negotiate the purchase of those medical supplies
  4. Help you sell the supplies to various buyers and online
  5. Evaluate lists of medical supplies you locate so that you know the resale value of the supplies and how much to offer to purchase those supplies
  6. I consistently receive emails from my past contacts at hospitals and surgery centers when they have supplies to sell. You will have access to purchase these products.
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