In researching Cost Containment Inc and David Powers on the internet, I found a lot of information about the company and about him. Everything I found was positive and showed me this company is the “REAL DEAL”. So I took his course and it turned out to be the best decision I every made second to marrying my wife of course. The amount of money I now make selling medical supplies is incredible. I never went to college and I never graduated from high school, but I did get my GED. Now I am the proud owner of my own medical company and I make more money that I ever dreamed of.

Carlos Martinez

When I came across the advertisement for starting your own medical sales business I called to speak with David Powers who owns the company. I had a ton of questions and concerns. After our conversation I felt completely comfortable with him and he had all the answers I needed so I signed up for his class. Of course I was nervous because I knew nothing about medical products. Then after taking his course I realized I didn’t need to know anything about what the medical products are or what they are used for. All I had to do was take a photo of the product and read the description on thee boxes. Then post them on ebay. Never in a million years would I have believed it was so easy until I seen it for myself. Thank you David and my family thanks you.

Michael Lewis

What can I say about the man who changed my life for the better. There are so many scams out there that it is difficult to find legitimate people who you can trust. David Powers is certainly a man who you can trust to help you start your business and if you do what he teaches you, you will build a legitimate medical sales business. David has a good heart and when you talk to him on the phone you can sense he cares about you as a person and cares about the success of your company. I’m so thankful to have taken his course.

Steven Thompson

When you hear the word medical sales it sounds complicated, but after taking the training course with Mr. Powers I couldn’t believe how easy it is. He is an amazing teacher who really cares about helping you. In the beginning I hired Mr. Powers as a consultant after my training course and I would send him money to buy medical supplies for me to sell. Once I received them I put them for sale on ebay and it was incredible how quickly items sold. I had Mr. Powers buy my medical supplies for the first 3 months and then felt comfortable buying them myself after understanding what type of items to buy. It’s amazing how much medical supplies are out there to buy. I strongly suggest hiring Mr. Powers as a consultant to help you with your business for the first 3 months after you take his training course. He definitely knows what he is doing and he has changed my life forever.

Amy Miller

I can’t thank you enough David for how you have positively changed my life financially. I lost pretty much everything due to my divorce and was beyond desperate. Months behind in my mortgage and other bills. I borrowed money from my sister to take your course and to buy medical supply inventory. In 2 months from the time I took your course I paid back my sister, paid all my past mortgage payments and other overdue bills. Now 8 months have passed and I have made enough money to buy my own warehouse which is a blessing considering I started off storing the medical supplies in my garage. I now work 3 days a week and hired my first employee. Words can’t describe how much I am in debt to you for you have truly changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart David!!

Dennis Taylor

Unbelievable is the best way to describe what David Powers has done for myself and my family. At first I was skeptical as who wouldn’t be now days when you see a business opportunity that seems to good to be true. I decided to take a chance with the training course offered by David Powers and it turned out to be the best financial decision I ever made in my life. Only 7 months after taking his course I quit my full time job as an accountant and now have my very successful medical sales company. Anyone reading this I will tell you Mr. Powers is the kindest man I know other than my father. This man truly cares about your life and goes out of his way to help. If you want to be financially set then take this course and thank God you have the pleasure of crossing paths with Mr. Powers.

Becky Harris

“I came across David’s ad the first part of March and gave him a call about his opportunity.

As I am a super skeptical person I vetted David with no mercy. Not only did he answer all questions to my satisfaction he seemed very genuine which is very hard to find anywhere!

After doing due diligence on the things we discussed my wife and I decided that I should invest in the training. Not only was the training exactly like David had stated but I actually sold my first item on the fourth day I was back at home.

I’m a believer in David and the process and I would encourage any person with an entrepreneurial spirit to take advantage of this man’s knowledge. Do exactly what he teaches, invest in the inventory you can afford and start making money.

Thanks David!”


Ed Evans

Oscala Florida

“About six months ago, I started my own business with the help and knowledge of David Powers. Now, I work full time for myself. I was able to quit my previous job, fully pay my business bills & mortgage, as well as make profit in just 4 months. I currently have my own warehouse and office, with the freedom of being my own boss.

David Powers is vastly experienced in the field of medical products, but he is also extremely savvy in running a business. He has a quality that many teachers do not, he cares. He does not just want to teach you how to get into this field, he also wants you to succeed and create your own stable business doing so. His guidance has led me to be in a position of financial freedom I had only dreamed of.

Starting my company has been life changing, a literal dream come true!”

Adam Woronecki